I strongly believe that too much of a self-focus creates suffering.  We have a primal need to be connected to others and to have meaning and purpose in our lives.  Service/volunteering forces us to consider those outside ourselves, it puts us in the position of less importance — it is humbling and it “pays” more than any paycheck can give.  It pays you in meaning and in meaningful relationships and interesting experiences which is what living is all about.  Another benefit is that you will meet other people who are not so self-focused and this is a better place to find strong and life affirming friendships/relationships.  Think about what you would feel more drawn to…working with animals, helping elders, working in nature, helping children, building houses…and search on the internet for places that you can go give your time to.  A good way to do this is to try a different place every week until you find the place you feel really connected to.  Here are a few basic leads…






Volunteer opportunities for families

Volunteer opportunities for teens

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