Groups & “Bootcamps”

COUPLES & FAMILY BOOTCAMPS            “Bootcamps” are a unique 3-4 hour extended format that allows for a few long meetings in the place of weekly one hour meetings over a few months…to break long standing ineffective relational habit and replace them with skills that that work.

A group of women meet once a month and our time together covers every imaginable subject that women encounter in their lives and relationships.  Women often say that they have trouble trusting other women and that men feel easier and safer to be around.  Women are complicated creatures.  We assess so many things and notice all the smallest of shifts and nuances it can be exhausting.  But is also can be an incredible thing to have in a solid friendship…women really need to have other women friends in order to be balanced and complete.  Our relationships with men are very valuable, but we also are missing a tremendous richness if we forfeit female friendships.  Women can learn very quickly how to be trustworthy as well as trusting with other women I have facilitated countless women’s groups and have witnessed the lasting transformations.

This is essentially the same format with no more than 8 young women who are separated into either a pre-adolescent or a separate adolescent group.  We meet more frequently — every 2 weeks.  Special groups that meet weekly are sometimes set up.

PILOT PROGRAM:  COUPLES GROUP…Call or email for more information

The first thing most people want to do when they win something big is to tell someone.  The excitement and tension level is so strong that it cannot be contained.  Well, pain needs to be expressed in the same way.  It contains the same level of tension and need for release – yet we often won’t, don’t or don’t know how.  Or we are afraid of feeling worse because of how others might react.  The truth is, what you are experiencing – no matter how “bad” you feel it is – has been felt and experienced by countless others.  Unspoken problems loom much larger in the dark and once spoken of often feel much more of a “normal” and manageable size.  Once the light is turned onto it, the shadows are gone and it is not as big as it seemed in the darkness.

If you were going to move from one home to another, you would want to find someone to help move the boxes and furniture with you.  Problems are a lot like that.  When it is shared and solutions are sought out as a group it is so much more of an easier process.

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